Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Orts and a Blurb

Happy Friday, everyone! And especially happy Friday to Boy#1, who is celebrating many, many years on this earth today. Woochy-woochy, one-year-old boy with your oh-so-fashionable suspenders and the bare feet that drove your paternal grandmother crazy.

You were the trailblazer, the first part of my heart to permanently walk around outside of my body, the one who took me through the looking glass into the wonderland of motherhood.

Happy birthday, One. You're still the coolest, smartest, and best-looking.

Something Boy#1 will be glad to be half a nation away from is this:

Yes! A tomato! ready for picking!

Boy#1 does not like tomatoes, not even the homegrown variety. How can this be my child? Maybe he isn't the smartest after all.

Speaking of having children, if you don't and have been curious about the experience, in the spirit of the World Cup I present the following. Being a parent is like being one of the blue-shirted players:

And finally, a blurb especially for my fellow book hoarders.

I was surprised at how many of you admitted to being, like me, a person who is perpetually half-done with half-a-dozen books. Who knew?

This week I discovered Scribd, which has been described as Netflix for readers. It's a subscription service that has a TON of books (that's the actual number of books they have) to download any time from anywhere. It works across platforms, so the same book I have on my iPad can also be on my computer and my phone and accessible anywhere I am desperate for literary escape.

Scribd didn't see fit to sponsor this post (booooo!) but they sponsored one on Finslippy, and gave her a code that qualifies you for three months free trial. You can bet I signed up for that, and have finished one book and am halfway through another.

One advantage of advancing age is that I don't remember which books I read before oh, say, yesterday, so I didn't recognize the name of the second book I chose and was 50 or 60 pages into it before I realized "Hey! This is sounding familiar!" Fortunately, I am just as engrossed in it as I was the first time I read it but if I hadn't been, I'd simply have deleted it from my library and picked out something else.

So far, thumbs up for Scribd. 


  1. I think that picture is ADORABLE! I love fat, bare baby feet! Precious!

    1. I agree, Diana. In fact, I was militantly barefoot-only with the Boys until they could walk. This did not endear me to my mother-in-law, but she loved me anyway.