Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I Eat at Home, Too

After so much blather about what I ate while I was gone last week, you may be left with the impression that I never eat while I am in my own home. That impression would be mistaken. I just don't photograph my every bite, although this week's fruit bowl looks as if it could have been painted by my favorite artist if it had been set on a table in a wheat field.

(I'm not kidding--he's really my favorite artist. He also is the nicest guy in the world, and while I don't own any of his original paintings, one of his prints hangs in the breakfast nook and is the best-looking food in my kitchen.)

Anyway, Boy#3 was home for a couple of days of his spring break last week, and because I was feeling guilty that I had fooded my way through Washington with his brothers and without him, I sent him home with enough food to stave off starvation for several weeks.

I sent Make-Ahead Meat Lovers' Lasagna Roll-Ups, beautifully packaged in disposable meal-sized containers, and a freezer Ziploc full of Hearty Black Bean Quesadillas. I also packed up and sent most of a Chocolate Sheet Cake--Husband had been terribly sad when he didn't get a cake for his birthday, but also explicitly told me he did not want a cake for his birthday (and people say women are difficult to interpret) so this was three-weeks-later compromise cake.

In fact, I spent most of Saturday in the kitchen, slicing and dicing and browning and mixing. The house smelled amaaaaaazing by the time Husband got home to wave good-bye to Three when he pulled out of the driveway toward his own place.

"Wow!" Husband took a deep, appreciative breath. "That's incredible! What are we having for supper?"

And that's when I had to tell him that we were having Mexican take-out, because everything homemade was in a car heading north. It was not our happiest moment.

But the fruit bowl looked incredible.

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