Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Sunroof Kind of Day

I had a lunch meeting downtown today, and it is a beautiful, beautiful day in our nation's midsection so I opened the sunroof as I drove. Yesterday, at exactly the same moment in time, I was being pelted by icy rain during my walk across the parking lot between my building and the cafeteria, and this was a lovely change.

The change was so lovely that I decided to feature the view out my sunroof as today's blog post, and I wanted to accompany the view with some cruising music that featured the word "sunroof." Unfortunately, I could not think of a single song with the word "sunroof" in its lyrics so my friend Mr. Google offered to find me a song.


Who would have thought that "sunroof" would have been paired with so many words and concepts the likes of which will never be sung by those nice Mormons in the Tabernacle Choir, or even by the Osmond Brothers after they went rogue?

Mr. Google has terrible taste in music.

To wash my mind out I searched for Raffi, to whom I have not listened to since the Boys were wee tots. He was the only children's singer who did not make me want to push a pencil into my ear until it came out the other side, so we spent many, many hours listening to Raffi. And bless his heart, on his website Raffi has lyrics and accompaniments for those perky songs I haven't heard in decades, and now "Down by the Bay" has settled into my ear.

Tonight when I go home from work I plan to turn off NPR--I've had enough of missing planes and mudslides for the day. While I drive home, I'm going to have the sunroof open and sing at the top of my voice. I'll be like those cars with the enormous subwoofers that make the pavement tremble with bass vibrations for a block before and after they're in view.

"Have you ever seen a goose, kissing a moose, DOWN BY THE BAY!"

Yup, just like those irritating noise polluters, except with more annoyance. 

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