Thursday, January 9, 2014

So Bored

Poor Boy#4 is still on Christmas break.

I hesitate to write that sentence, because all of us schlubs who have been back at work for a full week now can't quite pair "poor" with "Christmas break." Also, since this is the final Christmas break he will have for quite a while, what with the graduating from college in May and already having a job in the non-academic sector, it's kind of like The Sound of Music when Uncle Max announces sadly that this is the last time you'll hear the Von Trapp Family singing and you want to shout "Hey! You just won a huge enormous festival! Enjoy the moment! Raindrops on roses, folks!"

Anyway, Four's three brothers and new sister-in-law have all gone back to their respective workplaces, and all of his high school buds are back in their own college towns so our youngest son is stuck in Small Town, in the House on the Corner, with his boring parents.

And I am not even kidding when I say that. We are BORING.

After the hubbub of Christmas, by the time our final holiday overnight guests left Monday morning I was already missing everyone but also kind of ready to settle down in my chair with a new knitting project and enjoy the polar vortex from the depths of my favorite afghan. Or fall asleep, which is what I actually do every single time I'm in the depths of my favorite afghan. Husband is FINALLY shaking off the virus that hit him in early December but he's not yet back to his assigned role as the life of the party.

Four is used to a little more activity, what with being in COLLEGE, here the people around him TALK and LAUGH and DO THINGS. He's been a good sport about it, but last night at supper he sounded just a little sad when he said "So, do we have any plans for tonight?"

Husband and I looked at each other. Bowling? Not while I draw breath. Movies? We have been so efficient in seeing the good movies that we're down into choices such as Anchorman 2 and I will not stoop to that even though I regularly watch Flip This House and know which brother is Armando Montelongo and which is David Montelongo.

And that's why last night Boy#4 was with us while we watched the final episode of the truly terrible Hostages (DVR'd since Monday) and I finished another hat.

No wonder our kids have loved going to school.

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  1. Oh I know what you mean. Yesterday was bring-the-boy-back-to-college day and he was SO HAPPY and his roommates were THRILLED to see him and they had PLANS and ACTIVITIES and THINGS TO DO. And after dropping him off I came home and watched HGTV.