Wednesday, January 1, 2014

How to Begin?

It's 2014!

I'm beginning to believe that the Millennium Bug may not be going to happen after all, although (true story) Husband and I raced to the laptop to check our savings account balance in the seconds after midnight on Jan. 1, 2000, and we had suddenly accumulated several million dollars that evaporated within the next few moments. Easy come, easy go. You may ask, "What kind of people do that, instead of swigging champagne and kissing strangers to welcome in the new millennium?" Temporary millionaires! That's what kind!

Anyway, happy new year to you! I had avoided catching Husband's vicious cold through the extra-long vacation we have at Small College at this time of the year--until last night, when the last of the Boys had packed his car and headed for home. Then I started sneezing and my shoulders started aching, and I declared myself officially cold-ed. I plan to spend New Year's Day huddled under an afghan, knitting and watching old BBC episodes on Netflix.

That's because I believe isolation and self-indulgence are the surest routes to health, unlike Husband, who believes in Powering Through. I will not comment on that tactic, except to observe that it is not for nothing that "in sickness and in health" are included in the wedding vows.

But it was a lovely, lovely Christmas break, and I am rosy with warm memories which I will be sharing over the next few days.

Unless I am only rosy with rhinovirus, and if that's the case, I'll try to keep it to myself. 

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