Friday, December 13, 2013

No Time for Small Talk

You remember this woman, don't you? It's Alexandra, my body double who always models my chenille robe for me because I'm not the kind of person who would take a selfie. Alexandra also is the one I call on to defend my relaxation habits, because Alexandra knows the value of some down time and a good nap.

She is a very wise woman, one who has perfected the smokey eye.

Alexandra is here today because I don't have time for the intense effort that I put into Friday Orts and Blurbs. What? You thought those just were a lazy way to wrap up every week? Well, pffft to you. I spend HOURS jotting down ideas that occur to me while I'm watching Project Runway and drinking coffee.

Anyway, it suddenly occurred to me yesterdayt that CHRISTMAS IS COMING. The annual panic set in, and with one week to go (HOLY COW!) I realize I haven't finished the gifts I intend to hand-make. Or started them.

So today I'm taking a vacation day (hooray for full-time benefits and no more major deadlines until January) and working on those projects. Or rather, I'm thinking about working on those projects.

When Husband left for work this morning, he patted my chenille-robe-covered shoulder and said "I hope you're not still in this when I come home tonight."

That's when Alexandra told him to mind his own beeswax, that I was going to be a blur of activity and might have come full circle and be back in the robe by the time he got to the office, prompting him to shake his head sadly and mutter something about retirement and the boatload of fun he expected his wife would be when she reaches that Promised Land.

Then Alexandra urged me to take a nap, so I don't have time for Friday Orts and a Blurb. Later she's going to show me how to do a smokey eye.

I love Alexandra.

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