Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Orts and a Blurb

And welcome to another Friday! A full work week later I'm still agog about my spectacular and timely Christmas decorating. In fact, I even decorated my office this year. Yes! I did! I grabbed a Santa doorknob cover, the elastic of which has been permanently destroyed by storage in our attic, and I threw it into my office plant. See evidence above. And for any of you who think a Santa doorknob cover does not exist, you obviously do not have my late mother-in-law's love for Christmas decorating. Speaking of decorating...

The lovely Idena asked in a comment if decorating more than one room was even a thing. Wow. Idena, do you live in a Grinch-apocalyptic Whoville? I'd say if Facebook is any indication I may be the only person in Small Town who only decorates one room. Of course, there may be others such as myself who aren't bragging about our Grinch-homes on the internet. And I must say...

My comment about holiday hand towels being "dumb" (perhaps not the most reasoned of descriptors) certainly hit a nerve. There is apparently no middle ground on this issue, as everyone appears to  LOOOOOOVE holiday hand towels or to HAAAAAATE holiday hand towels with absolutely no "meh" middle ground. Who knew?

The season of high demand for us semi-competent accompanists is upon us, and last night that did not please me. It was 13 degrees and snowing when I left for Christmas choir practice, and I wanted to watch The Sound of Music Live. Imagine my delight when I got home two hours later and could read the entire hilarious Tweet-storm that TSOML provoked without having to sit through the three actual hours of the production+WalMart commercials. One example:

"Julie Andrews is spinning around in her grave." "Julie Andrews isn't dead." "She will be after she watches this."

I am not judging whether or not the production was good (LISA) but Husband finally had to tell me to either pipe down with the snark-produced giggles or go to another room.

And now, a blurb for Small Town folks. Everyone else can go back to reading Sound of Music Live tweets.

Husband and I ate in the new restaurant on Main Street last night, and people, our meal was really good. I had a delicious caprese half-sandwich and a cup of black bean soup. Husband had a rustic pizza. We shared (free) appetizers of homemade bread with herb butter. Yummmmmm.

But what made my heart go pitter-pat was that the restaurant/emporium sells SALSA LIZANO! Salsa Lizano, as my Tico-phile friends know, is the taste of Costa Rica. Without it you cannot make the foods that taste like my Peace Corps years on a fork. Gallopinto. Huevos con tomates. If you've tasted Salsa Lizano you know of what I speak.

I've been surviving for 30 years now on the kindness of travelers who risk the contents of their suitcases to smuggle me back bottles of this delicacy, but I always have doled it out as if it were the nectar of the gods and the gods were no longer producing nectar.

Please, Small Towners, go have a sandwich or an espresso or something at the Chef's Kitchen. You'll get a great sandwich and I'll have a continuing supplier of non-contraband condiments.

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  1. I think where my husband and I grew up everyone only decorated the one front room with the big picture window so that neighbors and anyone driving by would see the lights and other decorations. That's the way it was done and how we've continued it in our house.
    Only recently have I realized that some people decorate more than the one room (one friend has a LARGE house with 3 or 4 living/sitting rooms and has a different themed tree in each room at Christmas time). But I thought these people were the odd ones. I'm sticking with that. Me = normal. Them = odd.