Thursday, June 20, 2013

Happy Birthday, Boy#1!

Almost 27 years ago. Sunrise, sunset...
Happy birthday, Boy#1!

I'm sorry you're not home with us to celebrate, but in lieu of baking you a cake I have published a baby picture of you on the internet. This is in direct response to your law school classmates who, when I met them last month, specifically requested "more embarrassing baby pictures of Boy#1 in your blog."

It's a gift for everyone!

I'm glad you're my kid--you laugh at my jokes, you keep your brothers in line, and you brought Lovely Girl into our lives. Plus you're still the smartest, coolest, and best-looking.

We'll just forget about that time your intramural basketball team christened itself using a double-entendre term that made me scratch my head and say "Does that mean what I think it means, and if so, why is the school LETTING THEM MAKE T-SHIRTS WITH IT PRINTED ON THEM?"

You're a keeper.


  1. Happy Birthday, Boy #1 from Dr M and MB!

  2. Happy Birthday Nephew from your favorite Aunt!!