Monday, June 24, 2013

A(nother) Moving Experience

Oh, hi there, people who just Googled "switch plate missing" and found my obviously professional-quality photograph of, well, a switch plate missing. The internet has not led you astray, people.

A MomQueenBee family member is on the move again, and I'm the designated photographer for family moves. In some clans this would mean taking a picture of a person carrying boxes, or a happy relocator holding keys and pointing to a new address on a mailbox, or something of the like.

In our family it means we document every single thing that is amiss in the new digs in hopes that someday the rental deposit will be returned intact.

Hahahahaha! I know! The very idea that someone would get a full rental deposit back is patently absurd, isn't it? Still, we try. So Friday afternoon as we were schlepping boxes of music into Boy#3's new digs I also was snapping pictures of a barely-visible scratch in the new hardwood (It was there when we moved in! Honestly!) and deciding whether available light or flash would best capture the truly horrendously dirty oven.

Don't believe me about the oven?  Look at this:

Oh, you can believe me that before he cooks a single cupcake in that monstrosity it will have been Easy-Off'd within an inch of its life. By his mother. Who is frantically documenting previously-existing damage and  trying to pretend that she's not going to miss this kid when he moves away from home, permanently this time, in a few weeks.

I snap pictures and clean ovens because there is a sense of finality to this move that has not been present in any of the other Boys' moves so far (all of which involved non-permanent education or internship relocations), and I'm just a little verklempt about it.

Please excuse me. I think I need to put my head back in the oven.

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