Saturday, June 8, 2013

A New Record

One of the many, many perks of being the Much Younger Sister of my Much Older Sister is that I've pretty much skated through life as the tail to her kite, wafting along on the breezes without having to do any of the work. That's certainly the case this weekend when I have been her roommate at a big convention.

I have a very (very) minor role at the convention but MOS is one of the Big Wigs. This means not only does she have to work from way before dawn to way after dark, her hair always looks great.

No, no, that's not what it means--that was suposed to be funny, because I called her a Big Wig. Although her hair does look great this weekend. What it really means is that she gets the Big Suite the Big Hotel comps the Big Wigs who do all the work on the convention. The only catch is that the second room of the Big Suite is used for board meetings and guest speaker getaways, but that's not a problem because those events happen during parts of the day Much Older Sister is occupied elsewhere.

And who is MOS's roommate? Yes! The tail of the kite gets all the perks without the work, remember? (Also, I may make that my life motto. All the perks without the work.)

Anyway, this morning my meetings didn't start until later than my sister's, and when I woke up she had left me a fresh-brewed pot of coffee and a sausage McMuffin, because did I mention she's the nicest person in the world? For two days I had been eyeing the Jacuzzi, which is the kind I always see with envy on HGTV but never have the opportunity to try. I had an extra hour before my meeting, fresh coffee, a good book (which I own so it doesn't matter if it falls in the water)....

Breakfast in bath turns out to be so, so much better than breakfast in bed, because there's not the pesky crumb issue when you're done.

However, when you hear a tap on the door, then the sound of the pass-key clicking in the lock, then the sound of someone saying "Hello? Banquet services!" you discover in the mirror beside the tub that your face can look exactly like Lucy's when Ricky calls "Lucy, I'm hoooome!"

And that's how I found out just how quickly I can go from wet to dry to dressed: Three minutes flat.

It's a new record.

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