Friday, August 26, 2011

Meeting Mercies

I had to cut short a conversation with a friend this morning so that I could go to a meeting at work. My friend knew I wasn't particularly looking forward to this meeting--it was full of political agendas and promised to be a minefield of possible misunderstandings and potential conflict, even though it was with a co-worker with whom I work well..

"Well, good luck," she said. "What's the equivalent of traveling mercies for meetings? That's what I'll be praying for you."

We all know how to pray for traveling mercies. For safety on the road, and mechanical soundness. For new adventure and good companions. For alertness to danger and avoidance of delays.

But what about meeting mercies? What do I pray for when I walk into a room to do business?

The more I thought about the topic the more I realized that meeting mercies are remarkably similar to travel mercies. In meetings, I look for a safe place for discussion and for words and attitudes that advance the discussion and don't leave us stranded in disagreement. I hope for good solutions and compatible co-workers. I want to be sensitive to feelings, and open to viewpoints that I haven't suggested, and to remember that being kind is as important as being strong.

I want to get to the end of the meeting, as I get to the end of a trip, safely and in good company and with no regrets about the way I have treated others.

And come to think of it, that's how I want to get to the end each day as well.

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