Monday, August 15, 2016

Update: Lawn Mullet

The Lawn Mullet, mid-August
Many, many readers have asked for an update on how Husband's lawn mullet is progressing. And of course, by "many, many" I mean counting past the fingers on one hand and onto the fingers of the other hand and not the population of China, but quantities are relative, right?

Here it is! The strip of unmowed grass is growing and has started to seed, which in my opinion is even more festive than a simple variance in height. In the heart of his accountant's heart, I believe Husband may be beginning to find this wild-and-crazy phase almost too wild and crazy, though. I looked out during the last mowing to see him carefully weed-eating and evening up the edges, and he's admitted that he wishes the top of the cut was a bit more symmetric.

I mentioned this to a friend, who sarcastically suggested manicure scissors might be the next grooming instrument but when I passed the suggestion on to Husband (ha! ha! ha!) he got a faraway look in his eye and I could tell he was heading for Amazon Prime to see how quickly the tiny clippers could arrive.

I'm not even telling him that another suggestion was to paint the top pink. "Punk Lawn Mullet," while a good name for a rock band, would be a bridge too far.

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  1. Horticulturally speaking, it is difficult to say for sure---but I THINK what you have here is a lawn MOHAWK rather than a lawn MULLET.