Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Now It Has a Name

During the hundreds and hundreds of posts I have done in this space, I have talked about my children growing up and leaving home. I have chronicled the magic that was the engagement and wedding our our first-born. I have written heart-felt messages to my loved ones, passionately urged vaccination of children, and marked the passing of time and adding of wrinkles. I have posted a picture of myself making a fish-face.

But nothing (NOTHING) I have written has had the legs of an off-hand post remarking that Husband had decided to stop mowing a strip of our side yard.

People! It's grass. Unmowed grass, I will admit, and it comes from a highly unlikely source, seeing that my very own CPA is the man for whom straight edges and 90-degree angles were invented.

And still...

A few days ago I was stopped in the grocery store and asked how the Lawn Mohawk was progressing. This is notable for two reasons: First, I was in the grocery store, which is not someplace I frequent nearly as often now that the four Boys are out buying their own darned food. Second, in the original post I had called this the Lawn Mullet.  And while I admit that this style clearly is more mohawk than mullet (despite my feeble protestations that the front yard was mowed clean, so our grass was business in the front and...well, you know the rest) you are missing the significance:

Our lawn has re-named itself.

This morning Husband was pulling the garbage cans back from the curb when a passerby stopped to ask him about the new landscaping style.

"Are you letting it go to seed for a scientific reason?" the stranger asked.

"Naw, I'm just being contrary," my beloved replied.

So in honor of Husband, and of the lawn that re-named itself, I may rename the House on the Corner.

Just call us Contrary Corner.


  1. Replies
    1. This may be my favorite comment ever.

  2. I wonder if it's trending on Twitter?

  3. That first comment right there is a winner!

    Your lawn mullet/mowhawk is the best piece of suburban rebellion I have seen.