Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Settling This Like Men

Even when they're full grown adults, the Boys don't always agree with their parents.

I know! I thought by this time they'd just have to hear a pearl of wisdom from Husband or me and they would immediately recognize the grain of native brilliance that had been wrapped in the oyster of experience to produce such a gem. But no. They just come up with different ways to settle their disputes with their parents, which at least is an improvement over the years when they used up All The Words in convincing us we were wrong.

And that was why I found myself in a Mexican restaurant Saturday, and instead of burying my head in the bowl of cheese dip I was witnessing the contest that would decide whether Husband bought Boy#4's lunch or Boy#4 bought Husband's lunch. Of course, that was after Four had explained the rules of Rock/Paper/Scissors to his father. (Sheesh. He's licensed to practice before the Internal Revenue Service and he doesn't know the rules of Rock/Paper/Scissors?)

As you can see, Boy#4 is on the verge of pulling out his credit card.

But wait! Just as Husband's scissors were cutting Four's paper, the manager was on his way to the table to tell us that he had noticed Husband's fajitas were overcooked, so he was comping that meal. In light of that, I'm glad they hadn't resorted to arm-wrestling for the check because that could have been disruptive.

Ahh, life with men.

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