Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Orts and a Blurb

I start off today with a picture of the culinary centerpiece of the Best Day of the Year to remind myself it was only one week ago today that we were more stuffed than this turkey and hoping to never eat again, and yet...and yet...this morning Husband asked me if I remembered the last time I cooked a meal.

It was Tuesday. Okay? Tuesday. And I'm not ashamed to admit it. It's a busy time, okay?


But hey, here you are, Christmas! I'm decked out in a new Christmas sweater and candy cane earrings, wearing these age-appropriate seasonal indicators proudly and unironically.

Look for it here
And speaking of Christmas, this nifty gift suggestion came across my Amazon deal feed yesterday. It is a Smart Toothbrush.

You did not misunderstand me. This toothbrush, which is used to brush your teeth, is "the world's first toothbrush of its kind with Bluetooth communication between brush and smartphone."

I don't want to be cast as the Luddite of oral care, but really? I need my phone to tell me if I'm brushing my teeth right? I can just channel my old mother-of-young-boys voice for that.

It's here
Instead of buying that toothbrush, save your money for this gizmo. Of all the Friday blurbs I have written, this is perhaps the most enthusiastic and thumbs-uppy.

While the Boys were home they muscled the Christmas decorations down from the attic and Monday night I put on John Rutter's Christmas album and began to decorate. I was all wishing-me-a-merry-Christmas until I plugged in our pre-lit tree and it did not. Of the multiple strands of lights on the tree, only two actually lit. The rest mocked me as I checked each individual bulb for nearly two hours, then mocked Husband for about the same amount of time as he took over the task. I may or may not have done a fair amount of cousin cussin' ("DADGUMMIT! CRAPOLA!")" during this time, which does not add to the sacred spirit of the season.

It was then that we turned the great knower of all things for help. Google "how to get a pre-lit tree to light" and you will find a YouTube video on the LightKeeper Pro. This gun-shaped thingamajig plugs into a bulb socket of a strand that is kaputt and magically bypasses the dead bulbs that are kaputt-ing the strand. Then the strand lights up and it's easy to find and replace the dead bulbs.

Husband dashed to Big Box Store, plunked down his $20, brought the nifty red gun back to the House on the Corner and plugged it into one of the dark stripes on the tree.

And lo, the skies opened and the angels sang.

Within half an hour the entire tree was glowing, even the strand that never worked last year. Thanks to the LightKeeper Pro, we will have Christmas.

God bless us, every one.

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  1. THANK YOU FOR MENTIONING THIS. My dad is impossible to buy for---and my mom just told me he spent THREE HOURS working to find the non-working bulbs on their pre-lit tree. I am ordering him one of these.