Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Not That Hot

Celebrity in Sunglasses
I read a fashion blog that claims that everyone looks hotter in sunglasses. Although I realize you're probably saying "Hold on, MomQueenBee, did you just say you read a fashion blog?" Yes, yes, yes, I do. But that's not what this post is about and looking hotter in sunglasses is not the reason I went to my optometrist to order shades yesterday.

No, that was for a way more practical reason: Said optometrist had told me over the years that eyes get sunburned, too, and that I should put on sunglasses every time I put on sunblock. Also, due to the happy fluke of being mostly well during the past year, Husband and I had not spent our medical savings account down to zero and there are only seven days left in the use-it-or-lose-it fiscal year.

So, yay! "Free" sunglasses to replace the ones I had lost at the football game four years ago sent me to my optometrist's office in a good mood.

I picked out a modest-priced set of frames, then sat happily waiting for the optician to tell me how much I would have left over to spend on vitamins and Band-Aids in order to wipe out that flexible spending account.

This led to an instant message conversation with Boy#2 this morning.

Do you know how much sunglasses cost in Small Town?


Try again.


Try again.

$1, Mom!

Because we were not actually playing Price Is Right, I was able to tell him that sunglasses in Small Town cost $613. 





Not only did I not get money back for vitamins and Band-Aids, I had to write a check for $213 in order to get both lenses. 

Now, let's just do a little comparison. For $613, I could have bought a new iPad. I could have extended my Scribd subscription for six years. I could have bought as many shoes as I will need  for the next decade (based on current wearing out rate of my shoes). I could have paid for a cleaning lady to come twice a month until next Easter. 

I could have done so, so, so many things I'd rather do than cover my eyeballs. But I gulped, wrote the check, and crept home to stare into the mirror and tell my retinas they'd better be worth it. 

Because everyone looks hotter in sunglasses, but I'm pretty sure I won't look that hot.


  1. Maybe next time you shouldn't get the solid gold ones with the embedded diamonds.
    (Six! Hundred! Thirteen! Dollars! *passes out on the floor*)

  2. Long-time lurker here. If you have your prescription available (this isn't spam, I promise-- while realizing that makes it sound even MORE like spam. Sigh.), I use zennioptical.com. Most of their glasses are little inexpensive things that won't last more than a year or so, but you can shade them, and they come with a price tag of about $20 (if you have special vision prerequisites, maybe $100 at most).

    And really, eyes change so much that it's hard to go wrong with ones that last about a year.

  3. I'm heading to get new glasses tomorrow and am now preparing myself for sticker shock. But really, $613???????

  4. SERiously. MOS goes to Wally World and buys the ever-so-fashionable old lady fit-over-your-glasses shades. So I guess I have about $600 left to spend.