Friday, September 5, 2014


You know the inspirational poem "Footprints in the Sand"? Written by, well, we don't really know who it was written by because at least three possible authors would like to claim the a share of the proceeds for all the coffee mugs and framed prints and other tchotchkes based on this poem I had thought was written by the prolific "Anonymous."

If you have not read this poem (and if you haven't, congratulations on getting out of the sensory deprivation chamber because isolation is the only way you could have avoided it) the poem recounts the author's dream of walking along the beach with God, and seeing two sets of footprints where God had accompanied the dreamer through life. But at a certain point the second set of footprints disappears and the dreamer realizes this occurs during low periods.

"Where were you, God?" the walker cries out in the dream. "I needed you!" God replies, "My beloved child, that's when I was carrying you."

I have heard an appendix to this story, and I was reminded of that version this week as I saw several of my loved ones dealing with issues in their lives. The author is still looking for an explanation:

"And God, there is a part of my life where all I see are my footprints and two long furrows in the sand. What's up with that?"

"My beloved child, those are still my footprints. That's where I was dragging you."

Grace and peace to you, my best beloveds, as you are being dragged.


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  2. Glad to have found your blog. My middle child started college and my baby is a senior in HS. Being a mom has been such a big part even though I work full time, I'm feeling sad with their growing up and my changing role. I smiled when I read the part about being dragged, hadn't heard that before.

    1. Welcome, Lina! The good news is that you won't stop being a mom, and the next phase is so much more fun than you will believe. Hang in there!