Monday, January 7, 2013

What I'm Going to Miss

This Christmas vacation (and this is where I'd be flashing irony quotes if that were not out of style) has been a stellar example of calendar misalignments. Instead of having several days with many Boys around, we've had good quality time with Boy#2 and Boy#4, and a few fleeting moments with Boys #1 and #3. Three was off at a year-end conference and trombone-ily encouraging the nobler (if losing) team at a bowl game. One, for some unknown reason, now prefers the company of his younger, cuter, wittier, fiance-er Lovely Girl to his old family and spent most of his time with his NEW family. Hrmph.  Not that I'm bitter. Much.

Anyway, yesterday lunch was one of the few meals we had together as a mostly-intact family, missing only Three and Lovely Girl as we scarfed down after-church pizza. Naturally, the conversation turned to wedding plans.

"Yes, I was discussing the dowry with Lovely Girl's father, and I suggested he should hand over a goat at the altar," One mentioned. "But then one of LG's friends reminded us of the bride price."

Boy#2's eyes lit up. "I could make that happen," he said, excitedly. "You could have an exchange of goats instead of a unity candle."

Boy#4 pulled out his SmartPhone and dialed in the YouTube video now embedded here.

"And you could make them FAINTING GOATS, and instead of unity sand you could make them FAINT IN UNISON," he cried.

This is a perfect example of typical lunch conversation, and probably the reason One is leaving the bulk of the wedding planning to the bride's family.

I'm gonna miss those kids.

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