Thursday, January 24, 2013

Things We Tried On

So by popular demand, here are the Things We Tried On during our sisters' weekend.

1. Knitted slippers, as modeled above by Much Younger Sister and moi. These may not be the very height of fashion (or they might be, because what do I know?, considering that pantyhose are making a comeback) but they certainly were perfect for keeping our tootsies warm when we propped them up on the ottoman in the sitting room. Yes! We had a sitting room!

2. This adorable sweater/scarf combination Much Younger Sister scored at the local consignment shop for NEXT TO NOTHING. To be perfectly accurate "we" did not try this on. However, Much Older Sister and I have made a life work out of dressing our baby sister (who is the cutest grown woman I know) in clothing we ourselves cannot pull off. Or put on, as it were.

And finally,
3. This hat perched atop the mirror, which some may have considered part of the decor but which MOS and I considered it our bounden duty to put on as we practiced our round, plummy vowels. Because look! The very next night, my favorite person on television was wearing this hat's first cousin and saying the EXACT THING our mother used to tell us fairly often:

Oh, yeah, Violet, Countess of Grantham. Preach it.

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