Tuesday, July 31, 2012

O Pioneers!

When I tell people we were camping in Colorado last week, my mental transcript always adds irony quotes to the word "camping." Yes, technically we were camping (see yesterday's post about NO BATHROOM) but I'm guessing Lewis and Clark may have coped with the elements just a bit differently as they came across the Rockies.

This picture, for example, illustrates a few of the creature comforts Husband and I pack for a week in the wilderness. Oscillating fan for warm afternoons. Crockpot. Toaster. Table lamp because our eyes are getting old. Queen-sized mattresses (two) because our backs are accompanying the eyes. And, of course, a television/DVD player, because nothing says "roughing it" like a stack of 15 DVDs to watch during the week.

"You know," Husband remarked early in the week, "the folks who design these pop-ups obviously haven't been camping or they'd have put in more outlets."

Uh, right.

At least we weren't the most egregiously faux campers. We only ran the air conditioner once, and we do not have dish satellite television reception. In fact, we had no television reception at all; our TV was strictly for movie watching.

The early settlers would be so proud of us.

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