Monday, July 16, 2012

Direct Correlation

(Transcript of instant message with Boy#2 this morning. This post is a placeholder that lets you know I'm alive and survived my weekend. I'll have tales of the weekend later. I'm sure you are breathless with anticipation.)

Boy#2: OK, do you ever make a meal and it turns out to be a lot of work and isn't very good?

Me: Indeed. Let me tell you about cheesy shrimp grits.

Boy#2: Haha... Well, you were warned. I think the inclusion of the word "grits" should have been enough.

Me: What did you make?

Boy#2: Oh, nothing this time.This time I made something really, really easy that turned to be delicious. I was most proud of myself.

Me: Yay!

Boy#2: But there have definitely been times when it's been a lot of work that turned out to be not very good.

Me: Was it a new recipe?

Boy#2: Yeah, it was.

Boy#2: BTW, I really hate my smoke detector.

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