Friday, July 23, 2010

What I Found in My Living Room

What? You don't like the couch-on-couch look?

This is what happens when three boys need to furnish two unfurnished apartments. Boy the Eldest and I have sweated through a half dozen estate auctions this summer, and the garage is now completely filled with bookshelves, dishes, cooking utensils, tables, chairs, and other accoutrement of the off-campus university lifestyle. Boy#2's bedroom is, quite literally, a bed room--mattresses and box springs fill it from wall to wall.

Last night's auction was a good one. The owners were readers, so bookshelves were plentiful. And they didn't have pets, so soft furniture was an option. (Life is too short for trying to remove the left-over dander of someone else's cat from a $10 recliner.)

The only problem was that we've reached capacity of in-garage storage, so when the perfect extra-long, decor-neutral davenport came our way ($5! Woo!) the only place to store it was in the living room.

HGTV is revoking my membership.

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