Monday, July 12, 2010

Full Circle

Before we bought this pick-up we made sure to try it on. All six of us had to fit so the older boys went in the back, Boy the Eldest drove, and Boy #4 sat on the console in the front. It was cozy, but manageable, to pull the pop-up on vacations with all the bicycles in the pick-up bed.

Now that Boy #4 is 6'3" (and not the tallest), the days of pick-up family togetherness are long past. We travel in the Suburban, and argue about who rides shotgun. ("Hey! I thought you said the tallest got to be in front." "Did I? I meant the oldest gets to be in front.")

Advantage #1 of Empty Nesting: All of the vacationers again fit in the pick-up.

Both of us.

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