Friday, January 20, 2017

It's a New Day

It is a new day in America.
Do you know how I know it's a new day in America? Because this morning, for the first time in 33 years, two months, and one day of marriage, Husband made breakfast.
I came to the kitchen ready to pour my customary bowl of bran flakes (Boy#3 says we have the most senior citizen selection of cereals ever assembled) only to find my beloved standing in front of the stove. And on the stove was a pan, and in the pan was the start of a ham-and-cheese omelet.
"I saw the ham in the refrigerator and decided an omelet sounded good," he said off-handedly.
What the what?
A couple minutes later we were sharing that omelet, along with a slice of whole-wheat toast, plus milk (for him) and a cappuccino (for me). It was delicious.
I'm choosing to take this as an omen.
As many of you know, I haven't been looking forward to this day. The animus that is swirling around us doesn't come just from one side, it comes from all sides. And the despair and heartbreak are not figments of our imagination, or we would not be at this point of division now.
But today started with an omelet, and it was so completely unexpected and lovely, that I'm feeling hopeful that I can find that same unexpected loveliness many places.
I'm declaring this my new day in America. If Husband can make an omelet, I can do something unexpected that might fix even a tiny bit of the unrest that has preceded this day.
It's an omelet day.


  1. Oh that's lovely! Thank you for that message of hope. And breakfast. I too hope to find joy in the unexpected.

    1. Melinda, I've been thinking of you. I'm the new part-time seasonal help in the office of the cutest CPA ever, and this week I'm printing 1099s. Ooooh...I love the smell of government documents in the morning. How is your tax season going?

    2. Aw that's so sweet of you! We are gearing up at my office. I am looking forward to seeing all my favorite clients....and the crabby ones too. At least this tax season you will see that cute CPA a little more often.

  2. Thank you for giving us a sunny-side up look at our scrambled world. :)

    1. What an egg-celent analysis! I got the yolk!