Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Look How Much I've Gained

I texted this picture to Husband last week on the first day of the New Normal.

"I am woman! Hear me roar!" I wrote in the caption.

Aside from the fact that approximately two people will recognize that reference (oh, Helen Reddy, I hated your voice but that song was a winner during my high school years) it's also borderline pitiful how delighted I was to see those screen savers.

I had just finished moving my computer from my old on-campus office to my new in-home office, and even though none of the males in the family were at home to make the connections work, both monitors and the mouse had booted up when I hit the power button. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that in all of my (many, many) years, it was the first time I've hooked up my own technology.

I've tended to defer that kind of work to the Boys: As children of the technological revolution, this was second nature to them and they could have things up and running in no time flat. Why bother my pretty little head with this kind of nonsense?

The time has come, though, that this kind of nonsense belongs to me. Oh, I can call on the Tech Monkeys (I'm not being derogatory; that's what they call themselves) but now fixing my computer issues doesn't involved a 30-yard walk to another building, it involves a trek off campus and the monkeys don't always have time for that.

So I'm learning. I am tentatively plugging a monitor cord into the back of the computer tower and marveling when a picture of my kids appears on the screen. I'm scheduling my time according to a different set of self-determined priorities. I'm exploring project that had never occurred to me, and I'm excited about these possibilities.

I'm looking forward, and if I have to, I can do anything.

Thanks for the reminder, Helen.

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