Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Also On the List

Oh, my gosh, people. All of your comments (both here and Facebook) turned me into a soggy Kleenex of a human being yesterday. You are so lovely, and I bet you make really good coffee.

The lovely Swistle went so far as to start her own list of things that are more important in life than, well, than the other Thing that is happening to me now. That got me to thinking: How many days in a row could I think of something more important than that Thing?

I'm starting today with the peony plant that is just inside the back gate. It is so beautiful I have to take a moment to stare at it every time I go into the yard. Never has it been so large (it reaches higher than my waist and I'm a tall woman) or had so many buds.

Now in interest of full disclosure, I'm writing this post as quickly as my fingers can type because (woohoo, Kansas!) we are scheduled for some weather this afternoon. Odds are better than even that by the time I see this plant next it will have been beaten into tiny shreds by the wind and/or hail, and the promise of those beautiful buds will have to wait for next year.

But right now, in this actual moment, it makes me extremely happy.

How about you? What is making you happy today?


  1. I was out with a client today and I handled a rather minor situation that was easy for me but difficult for me, and she grabbed my arm and hugged it.

    Also, our city is doing one of those fundraisers where you can pay money to have a brick personalized any way you want it for a walkway, and I am having a lot of fun figuring out how many bricks to buy and what they should say.

    Also, I made a broccoli-cheese soup that promised to be similar to Panera's, and it WAS similar to Panera's, and there are leftovers for tomorrow's lunch.

  2. I saw two bedbugs mating in a pill bottle in my office. It made me happy that they were in the pill bottle, and not in my house.

    I am happy that my 4 year old granddaughter's fever is down and she has stopped vomiting.

    I am happy that you are willing to share yourself with us through your blog. I enjoy your sense of humor and your kindness.

  3. First thing first ... you got to just stand outside with an umbrella and protect that plant ;-)

    What makes me happy ... wow thanks for making me think. My joy runs deep with my faith, yet my happiness comes and goes it seems. It can seem to be based on feeling, circumstances or just the weather ;-)

    There are things that can make me smile, laugh and just be happy...a babies giggle, my wife's wink or smile, or hearing from a friend.

    Your posts also make me smile and laugh.

  4. Today I am happy that tax season has ended. And some days I can come in late and leave early. I am also very grateful for my doctor and his nurse who are also my 85 yr old father's doctor and nurse. Today I talked with them about him (he is in the early stages of dementia) and it was so clear how much they truly care about him and want to help. It made me a little teary with gratitude.