Monday, July 6, 2015

A Very Good Day

The end of the day
These are things that happened yesterday:

1. I woke up realizing that I had not spent one dime on fireworks, and that rather than braving the crowds and mosquitos at the Small Town celebration I had watched my favorite movie musical of all time, which gave me a lovely afterglow of "'Til There Was You" and relief that I wouldn't have to dread fireworks for another year.

2. I did the New York Times Sunday crossword in its entirety, and figured out the theme in exactly the right amount of time (not too soon, because that would mean it was overly easy, but not too late because then I would have been totally frustrated).

3. I went to church, and had not only Husband but also Boy#3 and Boy#4 in the pew with me as someone else played the piano so much better than I do and I sang with gusto so much worse than anyone else around me.

4. The four of us went out to eat after church and because Small Town's Mexican restaurant was closed in honor of U.S. independence, the non-Mexican restaurant was packed. The poor waitress was running off her feet and we waited for our food for more than an hour, but this restaurant is located in an interior design store (no, really, it is) so we could look at home furnishings while we waited. We all agreed we would not pay $600 for a painting of a dog that had been hanging in a bathroom (the painting was hanging, not the dog), and the food was excellent.

5. I took a nap, from which I woke up just as Eric Hosmer hit his walk-off double for a Royals win. Wooo!

6. I ate left-over potato salad for supper, and since potato salad is always better the next day, I made a meal of it.

7. The four of us watched the women's World Cup game, and I was so, so proud to be an American woman. Our team played with heart and skill and without the whiny theatrics that are part of every. single. one. of the top-level men's games. I believe that we could win!

8. The guys taught me how to play a new board game and it was so, so much fun. (Also, I won.)

9. The winner of the game had to serve the dessert, and while I wouldn't want to get rid of my old recipe, this Sour Cream Blueberry Pie was danged tasty. Also, served on red and white dishes, quite patriotic.

It was a good day. A very good day. And what did you do?

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  1. Church, naps, and laundry. And lots of Seinfeld on Hulu. Our Sundays often look like this.

    What was the board game?