Thursday, April 16, 2015

TBT Cerca 1989, or Maybe 1990

I'm posting this Throwback Thursday picture in honor of a man who was still asleep in the House on the Corner when I left for work this morning. The man is going to look at this picture, and he's going to say (out loud) "Whatever happened to our little boys?"

And he'll probably have to swallow past a lump in his throat, both because he can't believe these little boys are now 28 and 27 years old respectively but also because he has been working 15 hour days for the past month and 12 hour days for the two months preceding that and he is TIIIIRED. Also he is sick so his defenses against lumps in the throat is down.

He survived tax season, which seemed unusually grueling this year so he deserves to see a couple of darling towheads in vests. A quarter century ago, this is what the Boys in the House on the Corner looked like at Easter.

Whatever happened to our little Boys?


  1. Your boys were so adorable! And happy day after tax season. It was an especially grueling season for me too this year. Hope your husband gets some rest before heading back to work.

    1. Melinda, I was thinking about you in the past few weeks. There were no emergencies and the software worked so we couldn't figure out the gruel. But yay for April 16!

  2. THAT PICTURE! I am speechless from that level of ADORABLE!