Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Orts and a Blurb

I would like to promise that this will be the final picture from our October vacation, but I cannot make promises I know in advance I will break. Still, how sweet is this shot of Boy#2 being kissed by a bear? And not just any bear, a Bearfootin' Bear of Hendersonville. We happened to be in town the day they auctioned off these ursine adorabilities, and naturally that reminded me of the question that has plagued mankind since the beginning of time: What good is having a blog if you can't use it to embarrass your children?

Speaking of the vacation, lovely reader Viviane had a question following one of the countless We Rode a Train! entries. I quote: "American trains have showers????" Yes! Yes, they do, although the showers are only open to the sleeper car folks, because when you have a ROOMETTE you are exceedingly special. The showers were surprisingly spacious and there was plenty of hot water and lots of towels, so A+ for Amtrak showers in spite of the whoops! moment that occurs when the train goes around a curve unexpectedly.

I haven't figured out how to adequately annotate the word ROOMETTE. Is all caps enough? Or should I figure out some kind of fancy hieroglyph to indicate my appreciation of the mirth that word produces in me? Every single time I write it I'm pretty much this:
The blurb this week is for a recipe that is from a Betty Crocker cookbook I received as a wedding present. (Well, I guess it was actually to both Husband and me, but I am the one who has spilled ingredients all over its pages for 30 years.)

Two had a couple of culinary requests in return for his giving up his bed to aging parents and sleeping on the couch for a solid week--bierocks and molasses crinkles. So while he was at work one day I made use of every pan in his bachelor kitchen and filled his freezer.

I was reminded again that molasses crinkles are pretty darned good, especially if you undercook them just a tad and have a glass of cold milk standing by when they are (barely) cool enough to eat.

If you only have one recipe in your repertoire, make it this one--so easy, so delicious.

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