Thursday, August 28, 2014

What Day Is It?

I mentioned a few weeks ago that students are back and classes have started at Small College. Yay! What I didn't mention is that as a result my work group is being CRUSHED by deadlines right now. Crushed, I say.

And in my currently flattened state, I neglected to even mention shark week as it went whizzing past. This is a true shame because I had the perfect illustration for whatever I would have written, had it actually been written.

This hat, which I knitted with my own knobbly-knuckled hands, is perhaps one of the best craft projects I have ever done. It was created in honor of our webmaster, who had won a Sharkie award, and who wore the hat through the entire party celebrating his achievement.

Not only was it amazingly easy and quick to knit, the shark hat was made with scrap yarn which meant it was disposable. I did hear that the recipient's four-year-old son thought it was pretty cool, though, so it had a second life as a child's hat.

I bring up this hat because I no longer can keep up with what day we are celebrating in the world. Remember when the only special days were Mother's Day, Father's Day, and a handful of patriotic bank closings? I do, but of course I'm 150 years old.

Now there is an entire industry based around today being National Dog Day (which was yesterday, and I salute you, Our Late Dog Pepper), National Chili Sauce Day, National Just Because Day, and whatever.

Today is National Cherry Turnover Day.

Yes. It is.

I see you do not believe me, so here is proof. Oddly, the creators of that calendar could not find evidence of whom might have been the originator of National Cherry Turnover Day. I'm going to take a wild swing and say maybe McDonald's, with its delicious but mouth-searing cherry pies?

Mmmmm....excuse me, please. I need to go knit a cherry turnover.

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