Tuesday, June 29, 2010

In the Beginning...

...there was a girl who said to her boy, "I want as many kids as possible, as fast as possible!" And being that the "girl" was already 29, she meant it. No fooling around with Mother Nature at that stage of the game. Boy the Eldest looked at girl and reminded her that although they were deeply and madly in love, they were practically strangers and maybe they should spend at least a tiny portion of what they estimated would be 70 years of married life on the Getting To Know Each Other portion of their time together.

So it was that Girl was 32 by the time Boy#1 was born, followed 21 months later by Boy #2, then Boy #3 arrived 23 months later, and Boy #4 when Boy #1 was still four months shy of his sixth birthday. At this point Boy the Eldest and Girl looked at each other and said, whshew! Enough already!

That was18 years, five months, and three days ago.

So now Girl is feathering a different kind of nest, one that has boys scattered hither and thither and doesn't revolve around piano lessons and baseball games and Preferred Customer status at the grocery store.

What now?

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